How it works

What can I order?

We offer custom made tailoring for both men and women. Full suit, jacket, coat, trousers, shorts, dresses, evening dress, work wear etc..

How do I get measured?

You need to book in for an appointment to come in and get measure by Jose. The art of perfect fit comes from precise measuring. We take over 15 measurements to begin with. Head over to this link to book in your measurement. 

How long does it take to get my suit made?

Including the measurement, we will spend 6 to 8 weeks crafting each piece. After that we go through two fittings for the entire garment.

What fabric is my garment?

Jose Zarpan offers the best fabric from UK [Dormeil] and Barrington [South America] with a range of styles and colours.

The kind of fabric that we use for ladies and men is cashmere, wool, alpaca, baby alpaca, cotton and linen.

Is alteration available?

Jose Zarpan has experience altering garments, suits, coats, dresses and more. We give attention to all details of you garment for high quality alterations.

Do I have to get measured every time I order a custom suit?

No. Once we have your measurement, we keep all your patterns on file so next time you need another blazer, summer trousers or even a new suit, they will be ready in perfect size. 

We also offer seasonal subscription to offer an ease of stress free shopping experience.

Will you ship overseas?

Absolutely. There might be additional shipping charges.